History of National Service

These documents reflect the purpose that our predecessors sought in bringing forth the idea of a National Service Body. Starting nearly thirty years ago, they saw the need to create national service bodies across the globe to help the Groups of Narcotics Anonymous carry the message* to suffering addicts worldwide.

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1987: Fellowship Report - September 1987

1988: WSC Select Committee on Service Structure

1989: WSC Adhoc Committee on N.A. Services

1990: WSC Adhoc Committee on N.A. Services in the United States

1990: Addendum #5 National Services in the United States

1992: National Service Guide Draft

1992: WSC Ad Hoc on Service UPDATE

1993: WSC Ad Hoc Cmte on NA Service Report to WSC

1995: Resolution Group Update

1995: Contract in regards to: Resolution Group Report

1996: History of the Guide to Service

1998: Transition Group Report on Resolution A

2002: Conference Agenda Report - Motion 6

2010: Marion, NC - Where It All Began

2011: Wichita, KS - The Process Begins

2011: Tulsa. OK - Staying Vigilant

2012: Milwaukee, WI - Bridging The Gap

2012: Layton, Utah - USSC 1



*"The message is that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live." Basic Text - Narcotics Anonymous